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Updated: May 26, 2021

L to R: Digital Creator Nick Bottomley, Composer Deanna H. Choi, Designer Jennifer Goodman, Director Christine Brubaker, Writer Michael O;Brien, Intrepid BSGF Guide David Terrill, URGC Research Assistant Nathan Pronyshyn

In the first week of September 2019, the RELLA'S CAMBRIAN DREAM team met, climbed & experienced the fossil deposits in Yoho National Park, BC: Mount Stephen Trilobite Beds and The Burgess Shale! (Thanks, Canada Council, Thanks URGC, Thanks to all our friends!)

First: Mount Stephen. We climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed for hours, up, up into the clouds ...

The Trilobite Beds! For me (your blogger) a dream come true.

Two days later. Rested & re-energized, we took the longer, higher, more famous climb ... Six hours, up, up, up, up ...

The Burgess Shale! - UNESCO World Heritage Site & one of the most important discoveries in Human/Science History!

Look! Fossil! Half a billion years old!

More fossils here ... and here .... and here ...

And now, our Dream was a Team.

And our Team more than just a Dream.

L to R: digital creator Nick Bottomley, designer Jennifer Goodman, URGC research assistant Nathan Pronyshyn, director Christine Brubaker, writer/blogger Michael O'Brien, composer Deanna H. Choi

Then a few days later, we converged on the University of Calgary: a "design charette", discussions & script reading.

We reflected on what we'd just experienced with diverse, distinguished, Special Invited Guests. And our Calgary reading looked like this!

And so Rella, our hero, made many new fans, old & young.

And now on to the Next Phase;

And we can't say this often enough:

Until next time. Watch this space. See you again soon!

// Michael O'Brien & RELLA'S CAMBRIAN DREAM Team

Sept 2019

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