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                                   AN IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE FOR ALL AUDIENCES

                                          Created & Produced by The Rella Collective

                                   INTRODUCTION (The Live Immersive Concept 2019)

                                         *Current Update (Concept/Platform) 2022, see HERE


RELLA’S CAMBRIAN DREAM is a multi-disciplinary, immersive theatre adventure/experience for all audiences. Our story is set 508 million years ago, in the Cambrian Period, in a warm shallow ocean. Our characters (portrayed by actors by various means) are all ancient undersea creatures—tiny arthropods who, much later, were discovered as fossils atop the Rocky Mountains. This is a fun, exciting, beautiful, family-friendly adventure about the history of Canada’s Burgess Shale.


This story is about Rella (a Marrella, a dreamer) and her friends: diverse types of ancient sea creatures. They discover a small, lost, helpless stranger from an unknown species. They go on a perilous journey to find out where this stranger belongs. Along the way, they begin to realize their world is much bigger, older, stranger and more wonderful than they ever imagined. In the tradition of Watership Down, Finding Nemo and The Lion King, RELLA’S CAMBRIAN DREAM takes us to a fantastic, imaginary, non-human world—to tell an eternal story of Life on Earth.



Our SHOW is acted in a series of spaces by visible actors/singers/dancers.

Our CHARACTERS might be portrayed in synthesis with some or all of the following elements: costume, mask, movement, puppetry, dance, music, acrobatics, installation, digital projections.

Our SETS/SPACES represent an ancient undersea world, immersing our audience in multimedia.

Original MUSIC: underscore soundscape and several original live/vocal songs.

Our TONE: innovative in execution. Our STORY: popular, classic, funny, suspenseful and beautiful.


  1. To educate and encourage young people to learn more about the earliest life on planet Earth.

  2. To convey the constancy of change on Earth, and the fragility of Earth’s ecosystems.

  3. To spread the word about Canada’s special place in geological/biological history & paleontology.

  4. To entertain, astonish and inspire! And bring families and communities closer together.

  5. To tell a story that, while ancient, fun and fantastic, also reflects human life and society today

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