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                                                                                        (EXCERPT: Scene 3 into 4.) 


MARRELLAS               Keep fighting!! / Keep fighting!!


                               (Ad lib. The Marrella tribe fight loudly among themselves. Sad music.)


RELLA                        Stop! Stop! Oh! .... No one listens to me ...


                               (RELLA MARRELLA gives up, swims away. Then, quietly, to Audience.)


                                           But ... now that I think of it, why should they listen?

                                           I’m no better than them. I don’t know what to do.

                                           I don’t know anything. (To Audience.) Do you?

                                            (Looks east, towards Cathedral Escarpment WALL.)


                                            ... Hello, Wall. What about you?


 (MUSIC. Rella swims to the imaginably high (100 m) WALL of Cathedral Escarpment; looks up.               Huge murky SUNBEAMS shine down. Rella looks to Audience for support; then SINGS.)


                                  IF I KNEW ONE SINGLE THING

                                  IF I HAD A THING TO KNOW

                                  I’D BE MORE THAN JUST A THING

                                  I WOULD BE A THING THAT KNOWS

                                  IF I WAS A THING THAT KNOWS

                                  OH THE THINGS THAT I MIGHT DO!

                                  DOING RIGHT, SHINING BRIGHT

                                  IF I KNEW


                                  IS THIS SEA SHELF MORE THAN THIS SEA SHELF SEEMS?

                                  IS THERE SOMETHING MAKING THESE WATERS GLEAM?

                                  DOES IT KNOW I’M HERE? ARE ITS CLOUDY BEAMS

                                  GIFTS TO ME? MEANT FOR ME? MEANT TO BE?


                                  I AM FAR TOO SMALL TO DREAM

                                  I AM FAR TOO SMALL TO HOPE

                                  BUT I’M NOT TOO SMALL TO TRY

                                  SO I’LL TRY AND DREAM AND HOPE

                                  IN MY LITTLE, LITTLE LIFE

                                  LET ME FIND ONE THING TO KNOW

                                  IN MY LITTLE RELLA LIFE

                                  LET ME FIND—JUST ONE THING

                                  ONE SMALL THING—TO KNOW


                                   (Speaks.) Or Dream. Tell me anything at all, Wall.


                                   (Suddenly — undersea TREMORS.)


                                   Oooh NO! Not again! I’m doomed! I’m doomed!


(A GREAT SHOCKWAVE! —a CLOUD OF DEBRIS!—and AGAIN, AUDIENCE, RELLA and everything is swept away and we can’t see RELLA. TRANSITION as DEBRIS SETTLES and we can see a few things again. We’re in a different place. Many things are falling back onto the sea shelf ... One of these things is RELLA.)


(RELLA lands on top of a mess of debris, unharmed. She recovers, shakes off the muck, and looks around.)


                                    Ohh, Ocean, why are you so mean to me? ... But I think I’m still alive.


(She SEES something, landing not far from herself.)


                                   Hey!—What’s this? Or ... who?


(We see it. A very strange little creature, about Rella’s size: flat, soft-bodied, eel-like, with two head-tentacles & maybe a mouth, but no discernible head, but apparently a thin, wire-like flexible spine. This is KAIA.)


                                   Hello? Are you another living thing? Is this Ocean mean to you too?


KAIA                            Mip. Mip. Mip. Kaia.


RELLA                           That was close! But you’re still alive too, yes?


KAIA                             Mip. Kaia.




RELLA                          Kaia? Is that your name? I’m Rella. I’ve never seen anything like you.


KAIA                           Mip. Bip. Gip.


RELLA                          You’re not from around here. I know that.


KAIA                           Mip!


RELLA                          You’re lost and you’re scared. And injured too. You can’t swim.


KAIA                           Mip. Bip.


(Kaia tries to swim, but can’t very well; we see her little spine is injured.)


RELLA                         You poor little thing, you need help.


                                Hey! Are you my Dream?—Are you what I hoped for?

                                Are you one thing that I might know? You are! You are! You’re my DREAM!


KAIA                         Mip!


RELLA                        I’m so glad you came, Dream. I bet you’re going to be the best thing ever!                                             And if I dreamed you, I bet I can help you too! Stay with me, okay?


(*Caption/Images—“PIKAIA: chordate swimmer. One of the rarest fossils in Canada’s Burgess Shale.”)

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