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Music/Song Demos 2019/20

Words: Michael O'Brien  Music/Sound: Deanna H. Choi

If I Knew One Thing (Rella's Song)
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2.  "If I Knew One Thing" [Rella's Song, Scene 4, in which Rella makes a wish, and her quest begins. Demo vocal, Deanna H. Choi, Toronto, Jan 2020)

 RELLA                          IF I KNEW ONE SINGLE THING

                                  IF I HAD A THING TO KNOW

                                  I’D BE MORE THAN JUST A THING

                                  I WOULD BE A THING THAT KNOWS

                                  IF I WAS A THING THAT KNOWS

                                  OH THE THINGS THAT I MIGHT DO!

                                  DOING RIGHT, SHINING BRIGHT

                                  IF I KNEW


                                  IS THIS SEA SHELF MORE THAN THIS SEA SHELF SEEMS?

                                  IS THERE SOMETHING MAKING THESE WATERS GLEAM?

                                  DOES IT KNOW I’M HERE? ARE ITS CLOUDY BEAMS

                                  GIFTS TO ME? MEANT FOR ME? MEANT TO BE?


                                  I AM MUCH TOO SMALL TO KNOW

                                  I AM MUCH TOO SMALL TO COPE

                                  BUT I THINK I'VE DREAMED A DREAM

                                  NOW I'M BIG ENOUGH TO HOPE

                                  IN MY LITTLE, LITTLE LIFE

                                  LET ME FIND ONE THING TO KNOW

                                  IN MY LITTLE RELLA LIFE

                                  LET ME FIND—JUST ONE THING

                                  ONE SMALL THING—TO KNOW

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